The little but effective ways you can manage rubbish in the office

It’s undeniable that the effects of climate change and pollution become ever more pronounced. As this problem took decades to develop, the solutions could also take a long time to take effect. But take heart! All it takes is consistent massive action. In the workplace, for instance, simply choosing the right recycling bins office employees should use can have lasting impact on reducing and managing waste effectively. The following tips can also help:

  1. Reuse or recycle office items.

Yes, it’s inevitable to use single-use items. But, it’s best to use stationery items, boxes, and packaging that can be recycled into pen holders and decorative statuettes. You can designate office bins recycling advocates can take from for their projects.

  1. Place bins in strategic areas in the office.

Perhaps, waste is not properly managed in the workplace because you’ve placed recycling bins office employees can’t access. Place bins near individual desks, cubicles, tables, and other highly visible areas.

  1. Label rubbish bins to segregate effectively.

Be sure to have properly labelled recycle bins office employees can easily understand and follow. Especially if you’re managing a multicultural workforce, labelling bins with just one language isn’t enough. Have the bins labelled in different languages.

You might also like to follow the 4-bin waste separation system – landfill, mixed, organic, and paper. This will make recycling and disposal a lot easier and faster.

  1. Think before you print.

Despite the paperless trend, there are still a lot of offices and businesses that consume large quantities of paper. Yes, some documents are printed once effectively. But there are times when there’s a need to reprint due to some errors.

The key is to edit the docs thoroughly to minimise the typos. Doing this helps you avoid filling the office waste bin with tons of paper. If the document isn’t that important, you could use the draft-mode when printing. This will significantly reduce your waste and consumption of ink.

  1. Incentivise sustainability and waste management initiatives and projects.

Employees just need a little empowerment for them to develop their love for sustainability. If you’re a manager or entrepreneur, it would be good to give incentives to people and teams who help reduce the office’s waste. It’s also good to reward, or even just acknowledge, conservation and recycling projects.

  1. Raise awareness amongst your employees.

If possible, conduct orientations and trainings for employees just for them to get a good grasp of the importance of sustainability. Educate them about the best recycling bins office areas need to have. And emphasise the long-term effects of improper waste disposal and management.

Most importantly, be patient! You won’t be able to see immediate results from this initiative, but this will lead to something great in the long run.

Managing trash might be a small project compared with the goal of increasing productivity. But this actually helps you create a better environment for your employees, creating a safe and tidy place to work where they can be more productive.

All you need to do is to partner with the government, NGOs, and waste management service providers, such as Ecobin, to get started with this project.