Fighting Domestic Violence: Save More Victims!

Look around you. There are people with untold stories. You pass by them one by one, not knowing what is behind the smiles on their faces–or worse, the bruises you can see on their skin. What happened to individuals suffering from domestic violence? Continue reading to know what this crime is all about and what you can help to save someone from domestic violence and stop it for good.

Defining domestic violence

According to White Ribbon Australia, domestic violence is a grave violation against the human right of safety and is defined as an act of abuse, intimidation, and violence on two people romantically involved. It happens inside a living space of a couple, where one of them is the assaulter and the other is the victim.

Domestic violence can be in the form of verbal threats, emotional manipulation, physical assault, rape, and other coercive acts that allow the assaulter or the respondent (in legal terms) to dominate against the victim or aggrieved. Continue reading about domestic violence in legal terms.

Men or women: Victims of domestic violence

You see it in the news or movies where in some households, there are victimised people with bruises, burn marks, or signs of bleeding on their skin. In fact, statistics from the Personal Safety Survey of 2016 show over 2 million Australians reporting that they have experienced physical and emotional abuse from their partners. Some husbands would hurt their wives, and some wives would assault their husbands.

But, this does not happen in married couples alone. People involved in live-in relationships are prone to this violence as well.

Is domestic violence limited to couples?

The word “domestic” means at home or in a living space. Couples or spouses who live alone belong to this category, but other family members who live with an assaulter or respondent are also highly likely to be victims or the aggrieved of domestic violence.

Here are other instances where domestic violence happens aside from that of couples or spouses:

  1. Direct family members – Abusive spouses’ or couples’ children are highly at risk of domestic violence done by a violent family member. The assaulter can be anyone of authority and capable of harm. Victims may also be collateral damage of an abusive relationship between spouses or couples. Other than children, family members living in the household, like grandparents, are also possible victims.
  1. Indirect family members – Househelps, maids, gardeners, and even drivers residing in a house with abusive masters or co-workers who have perpetuated violent acts on them are also prone to be victims.

To take legal actions, you must be willing to help. Continue reading to get a good law firm against domestic violence now.

How to check if someone you know is a victim of domestic violence

  1. Check their personal appearance – Look at their faces or visible parts of their body for any bruises, wounds, and burns that are questionable.
  2. Listen to them – Engage in a conversation. Ask them how life is at home. If they mention that they have been hurt by their partner or anyone at home, that is a red flag for domestic violence.
  3. Ask them if they want to take it to the court – Ask politely but convincingly. Assure them that you’ll be there for them.

How do I know if a Child is Sexually abused?

Children react differently to forms of sexual abuse such as indecency with a child by contact. There is no general guideline to follow to know if a child is sexually abused especially through mere observation. Psychologists and doctors need a variety of tests before they can confirm if a child is indeed sexually abused.

However, if you suspect that a child encounters this issue, there are red flags that indicate its possibility.

indecency with a child

Bleeding of their Private Parts

This is one of the possible indications of indecency with a child by contact. If you observe that a child is bleeding on the private part without any medical reason, this is a major concern. It’s best to take them to the doctor right away for a full medical exam. If the doctor finds that the child is a victim of sexual abuse, you can file a complaint and seek the assistance of a lawyer right away.

Playing Sexualized Games

Another indication of possible sexual abuse is playing body games with their friends. This is a sign that they might be subject to child pornography. If this is the case, look for a child pornography attorney so you can settle matters legally and obtain justice.

A Strong Negative Response towards a Specific Person

If the child is normally timid and polite then suddenly elicits a negative behaviour towards a person, this could be a sign of indecency with a child. However, this is not always the case. Some children remain affectionate to the people who have been sexually abusing them. This is why further investigation by the experts is required.

Nightmares and Sleeping Problems

Sexually abused children tend to wake up screaming in the middle of the night. Some develop insomnia because of their foul experiences from other people. If your child has recurring nightmares, take them to a trusted psychologist and let the expert help your child open up. They can help confirm if a child is a victim of sexual abuse.

Changes in Eating Habits

There are instances when a child experience changes in appetite because of sexual harassment. Some would binge-eat while others will refuse to eat at all. If the symptoms of eating disorders persist, contact a psychologist and let the expert unravel the secret why your child is experiencing eating disorders.

If confirmed that the child has is a victim of sexual abuse, call the Houston child sexual assault attorneys. This will help you and the child achieve the justice you deserve.

Loss of Interest

They are children who suddenly lose their interest in activities that they used to love. This is an indication of depression probably because of sexual harassment. With the help of experts, you’ll know what has been troubling them.

If it has been found that the changes are caused by sexual abuse, call a sexual assault attorney Houston psychologists recommend today.

Don’t wait for the red flags to get worse. Call for help from the experts and settle the issue right away. For the best child sexual harassment lawyers, visit and give the victims the justice they deserve.