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Is It Easy to Whelp Dogs? How do I do it?

Whelping services cost a fortune anywhere in the world. Some veterinary clinics charge a huge amount of money per puppy per day. The difficult part of whelping is feeding the puppies for the first seven days. If the mother lacks milk, you need to step in and feed the dogs with a formula using a syringe. You can learn it in no time. All you need to do is to find a reliable syringe for your dog. Check this hyperlink for the best feeding syringe for your puppies.

Dog whelping is a tricky process. If it’s your first time, here are things you need to prepare aside from syringe feeding.


Some dogs cannot take care of their puppies on their own. Others don’t know how to assist the puppies to breastfeed. You can also see unruly mother dogs who might step or sit on their puppies, leading them to die.

This is the reason experts separate the puppies from the mother and put the little ones in an incubator. Make sure that the puppies get enough heat especially through the night. Also, keep them together so they can utilise each other’s’ heat to avoid being cold. This way, it will be like they are staying right on their mother’s side.

Syringe feeding

If the mother is unable to produce milk, feed them formula and use the syringe to feed the puppies. Follow the instructions prescribed by the manufacturer for the amount of formula per puppy. This way, you can control their intake to avoid underfeeding or overfeeding them.

Experts recommend feeding the puppies every two hours for the first three days. This way, they can get the nutrients they need to survive. Take one puppy at a time and lay them horizontally in a way that the stomach touches the bed. Slowly tilt the puppy’s head upward and open its mouth gently using your fingers.

Afterwards, take the syringe and place one drop of milk at a time on its tongue. Let the puppy swallow the milk before you put another drop to avoid choking. Check the syringe as you go along to control the amount of milk intake by the puppy. For the most reliable syringe for puppies, visit this hyperlink to buy now!

Cleaning the puppies

After feeding, the puppies will certainly poop and pee. This is one of the things you need to deal with. If not, they will be at risk of parvovirus. If the incubator does not have a drainage system for the excrement, you can use an underpad or pieces of clothing.

These are important to absorb their droppings and prevent it from smearing to their bodies. To keep them clean, regularly change the padding under them. Also, wipe the puppies with a clean cloth now and then.

You can purchase your own hessian mattress for your puppies through this hyperlink. This washable mattress can make it easier for you to maintain a clean environment for the puppies.

Whelping is not an easy job. But if you want to save more money, you can do it yourself. All you need are supplies and equipment. I’m sure you can afford these easily for the welfare of your dogs. For the best pet supplies in AU, visit and get yours now.

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Practical reminders for dog walks you and your pet will enjoy

Dog walking proves beneficial for you and your furbabies. It helps you curb their behaviours and it’s a good chance to train them as well. However, misbehaving dogs during walks are quite common in Australia. Thus, you should hire a reliable dog walking Sydney services, or someone who knows how to make pets behave well while on a walk.

This can help you reap the most out of the benefits dog walking can give. It’s also a great time to bond and enjoy outdoors. As a bonus, dog walking can become a good stress reliever for you too.

Benefits of dog walking you and your dogs will enjoy

Dog walking seems so simple, but it’s actually beneficial for your furbaby. After all, dog walking Brisbane jobs won’t be so popular if no one hires these experts, right? Many people want professional care for their dogs, and you want it for these perks as well:

  • Dog walking helps dogs release their stored energy. Staying indoors the whole day makes your furbabies acquire a lot of energy they can’t easily burn. Unreleased energy can cause misbehaviours among dogs, such as aggressiveness, excessive barking, frequent running around and chewing on household items. Simple dog walking can help reduce such misbehaviours.
  • Releasing such stored energy also promotes physical wellness to your dog. You can treat dog walking as regular exercise for them.
  • Dog walking can improve the mood and emotions of your dogs too. Staying indoors causes feelings of boredom, isolation and frustration to your furbabies. On the other hand, dog walking can reduce negative moods and emotions. And that’s because of the social aspect it can bring such as enjoying time with you and with other dogs.
  • It’s also a great chance to train your dogs. For example, you can teach your dogs to follow your cues while walking. Use it appropriately, and you can curb your dogs’ behaviours and notice a great improvement.
  • Dog walking can also help you physically and emotionally. It can help you burn calories regularly. Moreover, it enhances the bonds between you and your dogs.

Dog walking is definitely beneficial for furbabies. Thus, many dog owners in Melbourne hire dog walking Sydney experts when they can’t do it alone. These services are also helpful when dog owners don’t have time for regular walks.

How to make dog walking enjoyable

If you want to walk your dog yourself, remember these few pointers to guide you. This can help you enjoy the activity instead of viewing it as your responsibility.

  • Prepare all the dog walking products you and your pets need. This includes the best type of leash, food that your furbabies love, dog toys and water among other things to bring.
  • Do sufficient warm-ups for your dogs before starting the walks. Play games, such as tug of war, Frisbee or fetch. This helps in tiring your dogs for a bit, which helps them stay calm throughout the walk.
  • After the warm-ups, let them drink water and rest for a while. You can also give them some treats for positive reinforcements.
  • Remember to use positive reinforcements throughout the walk. Repetition can also help a lot. For example, you can give them treats when they walk calmly instead of pulling the leash. Dog walking Sydney services also offer behavioural training if you can’t do it by yourself. You can ask for some tips from experts to help you out.

These are essential points you should remember before taking your dogs out on a walk. This helps you and your furbabies to enjoy the outdoors while ensuring good health.

But if you’re too busy to walk your dogs, contact They have expert dog walkers you can hire. Moreover, they have available dog walker jobs Brisbane and Melbourne can offer. This can help if you want to spend more time with these furbabies while earning.